My TGK Radio Rockz...

It's Friday evening and I've just returned from a long days journey of, Dropping off tickets for this weekends comedy show; where Michael Blackson will be headlining and my brother M.Bagz aka $BagZ (@BagzBCS)  will be performing.  Just as I thought the day couldn't get any better, I check email and the very first message I see is from my homie DJ Amazing Grace (@GraceTheDJ).  Mind you I have been waiting for this email for a few days now... On edge (smiles).  Anyways, the content in the email gave me such a rush of excitement!  The Grandest news I have received in months....

I will be hosting my very own show on My TGK Radio! 
This is such a positive movement, and I am so proud to have even been considered for the job.
  I look forward to working with such an outstanding team. 

"Behind Barz"
Stay Tuned...

Be Sure to Log Onto!!!!!

I do not have all of the specifics in regards to the days and times,
 but I will be sure to keep you posted no later than Tuesday. 

I will be blogging away during the entire experience!

Mood: Motivated!

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